• An effective tool for building up a network of loyal customers, business partners or team of employees
  • A robust security platform, long developed by MONET+
  • Solutions tailor-made to the needs of customers or users
  • Provision of a customized loyalty system as a service? YES

Overjoyed customers


Anything for the customer

A closed loyalty-loop system creates the opportunity for your business to apply effective targeted marketing. Thanks to systematic data collection, you will know exactly what customers buy, how often, or what special offers and discounts appeal to them. This means you can actually offer packages intended purely for them. Not only will your customers have no reason to shop at competitors’ stores, but also a relationship is developed with you based on trust and care.

More loyal customers? Awesome!

The loyalty of satisfied customers is won by ensuring they feel taken care of, so they return to buy from you again and again. Moreover, they tend not be alone. Having a loyalty scheme enables you to extend the circle of regular customers who are happy to continue coming back to your business. Good business relations should always be built on mutually beneficial conditions, and you can regulate them thanks to loyalty programmes.

Brands that get people talking

Everyone in business does their best to make their corporate identity stand out through an instantly recognizable emblem, like an apple, swoosh, three stripes or golden arches. Brand recognition at this level is practically unattainable locally. However, with a loyalty programme, you can achieve something even greater. You shall become familiar to local customers who then talk about you and, more importantly, intend to buy from you again. Such renown may not extend to millions of virtual customers globally, but definitely reaches out to consumers actually able to visit your shops. A good reputation for excellent customer service brings with it a significant competitive edge.


Implementing our system as a service requires minimal initial outlay from you as the issuer of the cards. The system’s architecture enables quick deployment in a real environment using existing payment terminals or smartphones/tablets (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile) as the accepting device.

Smartshop as a service? YES

No initial one-off investment is needed to acquire the system, allowing you to invest funds to further develop your business.


Well, the options available within the closed-loop payment system are almost limitless: an in-house loyalty system, gift cards, customer cards, employee cards and e-vouchers. It simply comes down to whether you are seeking loyalty or not.


  • Express Deli Gift Cards

    One setup we have supplied is a full-featured system for gift cards to Express Deli, which was based on the SmartShop platform.
    The project comprised:

    • Delivery of plastic gift cards with magnetic strips
    • Leasing the gift card system, functioning on the SmartShop platform


    “MONET+ implemented the EXPRESS DELI CARD project in a very short time. After approval, the solution went live within two months, so our cards turned out to be really EXPRESS! The project’s solution, through comprehensive and assured outsourcing, was the primary purchasing argument.”

    Lukáš Nejezchleb, co-owner of EXPRESS DELI
  • TICK TACK Customer Cards

    TICK TACK (a member of the STUDENT AGENCY group) requested a comprehensive system of SmartShop-based customer cards.
    This required:

    • Leasing a system to provide customer cards using the SmartShop platform


    “I appreciate our effective cooperation with Monet+, the company which won a challenging tender of many rounds to supply a closed-loop payment system. I would be happy if more companies were like Monet+. They do not go back on their word. The services provided by MONET+ have proven to be very functional. I can highly recommend them to others.”

    Tomáš Novák, Chief Executive Officer of TICK TACK s.r.o
  • Brňenka Employee Cards

    Our team created a full-featured system of employee cards based on the SmartShop platform for Brněnka.
    It includes:

    • Supplying plastic employee cards with magnetic strips
    • Implementing a system for employee cards based on the SmartShop platform
  • McDonald’s Gift Cards

    Another solution we provided was a complete system utilizing gift cards, based on the SmartShop platform. This delivery was leased to McDonald’s, and augmented with other services.
    It involved:

    • Delivering plastic gift cards with magnetic strips
    • Leasing the gift card system, which functioned on the SmartShop platform
    • Settlement and invoicing services amongst McDonald’s partners through outsourcing
    • Comprehensive services relating to the sale of McDonald’s gift cards through an e-shop, in addition to mailing and distribution services.


    “McDonald’s is highly satisfied with its standard of cooperation with Monet+. We appreciate their pro-active, focused and committed approach. The project has been running seamlessly, and was implemented within the agreed dates. It is our belief that fruitful relations shall continue to develop with MONET+ in the future”.

    David Zítko, COOP Controller CZ & SK, McDonald's ČR spol. s r.o.
  • SmartShop Loyalty System

    Since May 2016, we have been providing a loyalty system built on the SmartShop platform to p.k. Solvent. This leading company on the Czech domestic market sells cosmetics and chemical products for household use. The loyalty system is intended for holders of its Club Customer Card and is applied within a new chain of retail outlets under the brand TOP Drogerie. The system operates on standard bank terminals and is provided via comprehensive outsourcing.

    • Outsourcing of loyalty system built on the SmartShop platform


    “We teamed up with MONET+ to implement the Club Card project in the TOP Drogerie chain of retail outlets. I encountered a professional approach and willingness to solve whatever issue arose during the project’s fulfilment. I can recommend MONET+ for its ability to come up with technically complex solutions and its efforts to meet tight deadlines.”

    Jindřich Ježek, Trade Marketing manager, P.K. Solvent
  • Gift Cards for Dárkomat

    We have supplied a comprehensive SmartShop-based solution to MAFRA, for its gift-card amalgamation project called Dárkomat. MAFRA has outsourced the entire solution. It is based on the SmartShop platform developed by MONET+ for closed-loop payment and loyalty system solutions. The Dárkomat project enables acceptance of gift vouchers at brick-and-mortar shops as well as at the e-shop of each merchant.

    • Outsourcing of gift card service built on the SmartShop platform
    • Supply of gift cards


    “The SmartShop platform and related services provided by MONET+ to an excellent standard enabled us to launch the Dárkomat service in a very short time, in line with the expectations of our company and the merchants involved. Complete technological outsourcing allows us to concentrate fully on the commercial aspect of the project – while, as for the technology, we can fully rely on the competencies of MONET+.”

    Michal Markoš, Project Manager, MAFRA media group